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it's not about work, it´s about a dream job

Your wedding planner in Portugal - Our inventory and collection on display at our showroom in Lisbon

No event is too big or too small, and no wedding event is the same. It's the love story behind it that makes it special and unique. Together, we will create the perfect harmony to plan a unique and memorable day for the couple and their guests.

Our mission is to ensure your event is an incredible chapter of your storybook, from the first to the last detail. From wedding planning & styling, floral design to coordination, we cover all services.

In castles, high-end palaces, boutique design hotels, vineyards or by the sea. In Portugal or Mallorca, Spain, our mission is to provide unforgettable memories through luxury and curated events.

We'll make your WEDDING 
a reality, above all expectations.

Our philosofy

With a professional team of planners and stylists, specialising in weddings, we love the dating phase with our couples in the first meetings, finding the perfect Venue, the exclusive caterer, from the chaos of the set-up to the day of the event.

We are obsessed with details and believe that we can only be successful if we are happy in what we do and surround ourselves with the best partners in the market.

Our main goal is to take care of our couples so they can relax and enjoy every single moment without worrying about anything but partying all night.

Your wedding Planner in Portugal - Our unique styling and design services will make your wedding in Portugal a success
Your wedding Planner in Portugal - Ana Coelho Duarte, highly experience event and wedding planner

meet Ana

the founder & creator

Passionate for weddings. Dream of a whole harmony and agreement in every detail. As if in a simple step of magic, everything starts to make sense and becomes a reality.

That's where it's more Ana. And when she sees the bride coming on the aisle she is infinitely happier and with the certainty that everything was worth it.

Passionate for weddings. Ana dreams with harmony and alignment in every detail. And then, as if it was magic, every wish and fantasy turns into reality.

Forever dedicated of heart and soul, attentive to what couples want. Together we can create the perfect chemistry to plan a unique and memorable wedding.


about me

I'm a mother of four beautiful children + two 4-legged ones. And the grandmother of + two, also 4-legged.

I was the first author in Portugal of a book about decorating children's parties titled "A minha Festa".

I started with the children's universe, but a happy coincidence led me to decorate a wedding. That event changed my life. I've found my passion.

i like +

- Travel

- The beach is my happy place
- Buying stuff  for my weddings
- Watch romantic comedies and series
- Dogs and volunteer at the local dog shelter
- I'm a vegetarian
- I love wedding dresses

- When suppliers in the market answer me "no" because in our philosophy there are no "no's" there are only "bigger challenges".
- When there is rain forecast

i like -

Your wedding Planner in Portugal - Ana Coelho Duarte, highly experience event and wedding planner
A Minha Festa, authored by Ana Coelho Duarte - Your wedding planner in Portugal

"We do not sell services, we sell emotions. And some days I almost feel guilty

because this never feels like work, it’s a dream job."

Ana Coelho Duarte

the team

Your wedding planner in Portugal - Ana Coelho Duarte's team
Your wedding planner in Portugal - Catarina
Your wedding planner in Portugal - Carlota
Your wedding planner in Portugal - Miguel

meet Catarina

 Marketing & Communication

i like +

- My dogs

- Family
- Reading
- Travelling
- Makeup & Shopping
- Movies & Series

i like -

- Loud Noises
- Cold Weather
- Fish Dishes
- Disloyalty
- Rudeness
- Intolerance


Event Planner & Executive Producer

i like +

- Challenges

- Laugh
- Travelling
- Learning
- Beautiful Things
- Work

i like -

- Standing Still
- Lying
- Hypocrisy
- Disorganization
- Inequalities
- Spiders

meet Miguel

Graphic Designer

i like +

- Design

- Travelling
- Photography
- Movies & Series
- Flowers & Garden
- Lego

i like -

- Disorganization
- Injustice
- Cleaning the Dishes
- Toxic People
- Negligence
- Discrimination

Your wedding planner in Portugal - Tiago

meet Tiago

Event Producer

i like +

- Travelling

- Decoration
- Design
- Erasers
- Festivals

- Animals

i like -

- Rudeness
- Lying
- Discrimination
- Cruelty
- I
ron Clothes
- Rain

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